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Model Name:DaJiToxic other name:柠檬c_lemon
Model introduce:映谷传媒签约模特, 美女妲己_Toxic巨乳湿身泳池大尺度图片写真,关于美女模特,相信很多人都痴迷于她们曼妙的身材,而生动不已 一边是SM手铐制服诱惑,一边是半透蕾丝吊带,她是妩媚女王妲己,静候君主的征服。妲己_Toxic,别名:柠檬c_lemon。毕业于黄山职业技术学院,隶属新思路公司,人气模特,性感广告女神,武大校花。生日:1995-07-07星座:巨蟹座今年:23岁 身高:173cm体重:55kg三围:88-62-90来自:山东淄博市 职业:模特兴趣:化妆 Yinggu media signed model, beauty Daji_ About the beautiful models, I believe many people are obsessed with their graceful bodies. On the one hand, they are attracted by SM handcuffs, on the other hand, they are attracted by semi transparent lace sling. She is the charming queen Daji, waiting for the conquest of the monarch. Daji_ Toxic, alias: Lemon C_ lemon。 Graduated from Huangshan vocational and technical college, under the new ideas company, popular model, sexy advertising goddess, school flower of Wuhan University. Birthday: July 7, 1995 Constellation: cancer this year: 23 years old height: 173cm weight: 55kg circumference: 88-62-90 from Zibo City Shandong province occupation: model interest: make up
Model hot:2592thousand+hit, A total of download: 74thousand+
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