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Model Name:EggYouNiSi other name:行走的肉蛋妹
Model introduce:年龄:25 (属猴)生日:1992-07-18星 座:巨蟹座出 生:中国 江苏无锡职 业:博主、模特兴 趣:旅游、健身、美食详 细资料:Egg-尤妮丝,昵称行走的肉蛋妹,旅拍博主,喜欢健身PADI认证潜水员,记录沿途的美食美景 Age: 25 (monkey) birthday: July 18, 1992 Constellation: cancer birth: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China occupation: blogger, model interest: travel, fitness, food details: egg Eunice, nickname walking meat and eggs sister, travel photo blogger, like fitness PADI certified diver, record the food along the way
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