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Model Name:ShanYuanXingLi
Model introduce:杉原杏璃,出生于1982年6月12日,日本广岛县的女艺人和泳衣女星,早先是ANIMAX及Stardust Promotion公司旗下艺人,现隶属于FITONE艺人公司。长相俏皮甜美,身材傲人,善于巴西战舞。2012年杉原就任广岛县观光委员会秘书。 Akira sugara, born on June 12, 1982, is a female artist and swimsuit star in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. She was an artist of animax and Stardust promotion company, and now belongs to fitone artists company. She looks cute and sweet, has a proud figure, and is good at Brazilian war dance. In 2012, Sugihara became the Secretary of Hiroshima County Tourism Committee.
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