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Model Name:WangXinYaoyanni
Model introduce:王馨瑶,1992年9月6日出生于广州,身高:168cm,三围:86/60/88,北京电影学院本科学生。全国高校校花校草评选网站新浪微博的女神排行榜上,力压清华大学的奶茶MM章泽天而高居榜首,从而在网上走红,引发关注。王馨瑶富有日系风格的脸蛋俘虏了不少宅男的心,曾经为游戏做过代言,形象人。王馨瑶曾经获得2012世界小姐大赛广东赛区季军,同时也是推竞技游戏女郎模特。王馨瑶包含很多大尺度的照片,全裸出境也是常事,相信很多宅男会喜欢王馨瑶的 Wang Xinyao, born in Guangzhou on September 6, 1992, is a Bachelor of Beijing Film Academy. Her height is 168cm and her girth is 86 / 60 / 88. The goddess ranking on Sina Weibo, a website for National University flower and school grass selection, is the most popular on the Internet and attracts attention. Wang Xinyao's rich Japanese style face has captured the hearts of many otaku men. She once acted as a spokesperson for the game and became an image person. Wang Xinyao once won the second place of Guangdong in the 2012 Miss World competition, and she is also a model for girls pushing competitive games. Wang Xinyao contains a lot of large-scale photos, and it's common to leave the country naked. I believe many otaku will like Wang Xinyao
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