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Model Name:YangChenChensugar other name:Sugar小甜心CC
Model introduce:摩羯座 | 170CM | 广东 深圳拥有火辣身材的妹子总是让人印象深刻,1997年出生的妹子杨晨晨凭借美胸、翘臀、长腿及清纯脸蛋俘获了众多宅男的心。杨晨晨是湖北宜昌人,现居北京,平面模特出身 Capricorn | 170cm | Shenzhen, Guangdong has a hot body sister is always impressive, born in 1997 sister Yang Chenchen with beautiful breasts, hips, long legs and pure face captured the hearts of many housemen. Yang Chenchen, a native of Yichang, Hubei Province, now lives in Beijing and comes from the background of graphic model
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