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Model Name:YinFei other name:尹菲baby 顾奈奈酱
Model introduce:SOLO-尹菲, 别名:顾奈奈酱 新丝路模特经纪有限公司 签约模特。所在地 重庆 南岸 三围88-60-86 身高170 CM 精致的五官、拥有曼妙别致身材的尹菲 出生日期: 1996年12月31日SOLO-尹菲,昵称尹菲baby,内地平面模特,秀人网新晋模特,来自湖北武汉,语录:I am a wild oats girl。 Solo Yin Fei, alias: Gu nainainai, contracted model of New Silk Road Model Agency Co., Ltd. Yin Fei is located in Sanwei 88-60-86, South Bank of Chongqing. She is 170 cm tall, with delicate facial features and graceful and chic figure. Date of birth: December 31, 1996 solo Yin Fei, nicknamed Yin Fei baby. She is a mainland graphic model and a new model of xiuren.com. She is from Wuhan, Hubei Province. Quotation: I am a wild oats girl.
Model hot:2199thousand+hit, A total of download: 56thousand+
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