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Model Name:ZhiZhiBooty
Model introduce:别 名:陈芝、芝芝Booty生 日:1996-01-01星 座:魔羯座身 高:168cm体 重:暂缺三 围:B84 W66 H90出 生:广东广州职 业:模特、主播兴 趣:暂缺 陈芝,昵称芝芝Booty,内地平面模特、花椒女主播(ID:36274942),来自广州,自称没有大师兄的小师妹。 Alias: Chen Zhi, Zhizhi booty birthday: January 1, 1996 Constellation: Capricorn height: 168cm weight: short of three circumference: b84 w66 H90 birth: Guangzhou, Guangdong Occupation: model, anchor interest: short of Chen Zhi, nickname: Zhizhi booty, mainland graphic model, Zanthoxylum female anchor (ID: 36274942), from Guangzhou, claiming to have no big brother's little sister.
Model hot:3442thousand+hit, A total of download: 92thousand+
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