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Model Name:ZhouYuXidummy
Model introduce:周于希dummy,内地平面模特、主播,毕业于上海交通大学医学院中医学,北京热度文化传媒有限公司女主播。周于希dummy-宅男女神 周于希dummy新图发布,黑白照片下的婀娜多姿,散发出人体艺术中难以抵挡的诱惑 Zhou Yuxi dummy, a graphic model and anchor in mainland China, graduated from the school of traditional Chinese medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and a female anchor of Beijing redu culture media Co., Ltd. Zhou Yuxi dummy - the new picture of Zhou Yuxi dummy, goddess of otaku, is released. The graceful black-and-white picture exudes the irresistible temptation of human body art
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